An expressive collaboration between fine artist Tanner Lawley and a young, 12 year old, Cory Gould.

Lawley was introduced to Cory in the Spring of 2013 after meeting his parents at the “Celebration of Fine Art”, in Scottsdale, AZ. They found a mutual connection through their love for dogs.

Their collaboration captures the raw essence of two expressive artists.  Tanner’s use of bright, bold colors with the gestural strokes of his palette knife compliments Cory’s natural ability to capture the animated character and emotion of his dogs.

“I see several amazing, prodigy-like qualities in Cory’s artwork. Some artists strive their whole lives to capture the simplistic innocence that his artwork naturally contains,” says Lawley.


An inspiring, heart-warming story told through the eyes of Cory: a brilliant and talented 11 year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. Follow Cory's journey from the National Dog Show to Westminster, and witness how a boy's passion for dogs has opened up his communication with the world around him.