The 2013 Heart Collective

The Heart Collective: Be A Part Of The Heart. For the entire month of February, 2013, Canyon Road Contemporary Art, 403 Canyon Road in Santa Fe, will host a collaborative public art event called, “The Heart Collective”. Public participants will write a sentence about their greatest moment of love directly onto an original 36” x 36” acrylic painting of a heart, titled, “The Heart Collective”. The resulting piece will be personal recollections by the public around the artist’s expressionistic painting, on the same canvas!

In addition to the collaboration, the local chocolatier, C.G. Higgins, will offer a $60 gift certificate to one winning participant in “The Heart Collective”, to be announced on March 1st, 2013.

Artist Tanner Lawley’s expressionistic series of hearts has captured the enthusiastic embrace of collectors for over three years at Canyon Road Contemporary Art. One is invited into the friendly, deeply comforting warmth and charm of Lawley’s oils on canvas and acrylic paintings. Themes of love are colored in warm palettes and thick paints, with a gesture of honest and direct communication. These happy works are to be celebrated and shared.